Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Angry Gorilla Simulator 2017: Frenzy Monkey Life


You are a giant jungle Kong so maintain your destruction level by causing more and more destruction. Play as a real Gorilla in Jurassic city and get ready for some realistic Gorilla adventures!
Hunt or be hunted be a part of ultimate battle between human and wildlife jungle animals, play as wild ape and take down real human hunters in Angry Wild gorilla rampage city attack game. You're an angry Monkey Kong, play as African smartest species like chimpanzees.
The wild predators are in a rampage! This is a 3D Gorilla city simulation game where the monster legends are rampaging and destroying the futuristic cities. It is a really 3D simulation game for everyone. Control your anger of gorilla, whether you chose a monkey Kong which has power similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex or killer raptor, or dragon sim to smash and kill as many stuff as possible. This is truly an ultimate simulation game, city fighter and animal attack game for chimpanzee lovers.
It’s a Jurassic attack out here! The wild predators of the Jurassic era want to turn the world into a Jurassic world where the vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex or killer raptors will rule the world. They are the incredible city fighter from the prehistoric time that have come alive and wreaking havoc on the earth. This is not a simple gorilla simulation game, but a game where you control the gorilla of your choice to destroy the cities. Have fun doing town smash and destroying as many things as possible. Unleash the Jurassic attack on this simulator game as much as you like!
This wild beast is looking for destruction of the city for surviving. Run and jump on the people and attack with extra power shot to end them immediately in this angry Gorilla simulator. Angry gorilla rampage is looking to kill anyone who comes within his sight. Experience the thrill of angry gorilla attack 3d and rule over the city in this gorilla games or gorilla simulator. Your mission is to control this angry Gorilla and play this real simulation game for hours of entertainment

•Two different Modes (Easy & Challenging)
• 20 Challenging Missions
•Beautiful city environment with Vibrant 3D graphics
•Thrilling prey hunting challenges and wild safari
•Realistic animal animations
•Smooth and easy controls to make Gorilla run and attack.
•Fast and action packed game play.
•Plenty of sounds and visual effects
•Show them the power of that beautiful, dangerous, King Kong!

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